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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Government works just like the Claw Machines - Both are rigged

I just realized that the claw machines found in the front of grocery stores work very much like the the US Federal Government. Both are rigged to promise goodies that aren't delivered and solutions to problems that seldom to never get fixed. Sure both the claw inside the machine makes an attempt but all too often the claw is too weak to grab the stuffed animal.

Elected politicians do the same thing, reaching for a solution to the poor economy, lack of jobs, racism, terrorism, lack of care at the VA. Voters put their quarters in the machine or votes for their representative. The claw comes down for the fix and it may grasp the solution temporarily only to drop it.

However, both the claw machine and the government does provide something. The claw grabs the stuffed bear and then drops the prize down the shoot to the player who is thrilled. Forget that he/she spent several dollars to win the inexpensive toy or trinket. Likewise the Federal Government actually does something like pass a helpful law. Elected representatives provide some pork for his/her constituents, yet, like the claw machine are few and far between.

Put another dollar's worth of quarters into the system and the claw will get the stuffed animal. Vote for the Democrats and Republicans again and this time they will actually get things done, except they don't. It's the 2016 presidential election and the machine is promising the goodies again.

Both the are machines and both are rigged.